Schedule Management

MuseMinder's centralized calendar allows you to track group courses, private lesson sets, studio closures, performances, and tours. The interactive display allows you to reschedule one or a series of class meetings as needs arise, with the system notifying you of any instructor or meeting room conflict.

Track your course offerings

  • Schedule ongoing classes/rehearsals
  • Accommodate private instruction and/or ad-hoc workshops
  • Streamline inputting by link classes to teachers and locations
  • Easily accommodate instructor substitutions

Filter the interactive calendar display

  • by day, week, or month
  • by room
  • by staff member

Schedule special events

  • Call special rehearsals
  • Schedule ad-hoc additional lessons
  • Mount funding campaigns/appeals
  • Log tournaments / competitions / festivals
  • Organize tours
  • Mark events as visible to the entire studio, or to enrollees only

Record participation

  • Record course rosters
  • Take / track attendance for instruction and events
  • Annotate attendances (indicate planned absences, record make-ups)
  • Track non-student participants (volunteers, chaperones) by event

Track staff availability

  • Record and schedule around staff availability
  • Record and schedule around short-term staff absences or leaves
  • Record subs for scheduled classes/lessons
  • Cancel classes singly or by date range -- program notifies students of class cancellation automatically via e-mail

MuseMinder Mobile

  • Members can sync calendar events on their smartphones
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